About the client

Fastbit is a cryptocurrency exchange application. It is a "cut" version of the full platform which is available on desktop.

what was done

The main focus here was on getting a great user experience while trading. I decided to deposit a small amount and make some deals to understand how it all works.

Only then I proceed to the sketches, wireframes and designs. All of them were reviewed by professional traders and I got feedback from a real people who would use this app in future.

This page demonstrates all the necessary info to understanding what is going on the market in a moment.

There are few tabs, that allow me to make the page shorter and more compact.

The user can explore all info about the trading pair here: from candle and trade history to market depth and trading analysis.

As you can see, the buttons to buy and sell are fixed and placed in the bottom part of the screen.

Here the user can view all info about the market depth and trading analysis.

The user can add frequently used pairs into the tab 'Favourite'.

The user can quickly find the necessary coin in search and copy the deposit address or give somebody to scan a QR-code.

I designed this screen with the idea that the user should have a possibility to save the address or quickly set up the max amount of coins to withdraw.

It wasn't easy to contain all needed info on a little mobile screen, do as you can see, this page is designed with all necessary elements to make a profitable trade.

Here you can cancel an order with an additional confirmation window. Or even cancel them all.

This page is designed to find the coin and decide what to do next: make a deposit or withdraw your funds.

Here you can find all information about active orders, orders and trade history.

Here the user can explore the status of deposit or withdrawal. To make it easier to navigate, I designed labels to identify the status of the transaction.

Here I decided to place only high-priority actions for a personal profile, the full version is available from the desktop.

The user can do just a few actions here: check out the status of verification and change the security settings.