About the client

Fitly is a free and simple workout tracker for iPhone.

what was done

I decided to work on this project after I didn't find anything on the market that suit my needs. The name, logotype, app design and the content for the IG are all designed by me.

I love fitness, that is why decided to widespread my vision of for the tracker should look and work like to the whole world.

I designed a super minimalistic app for tracking results in fitness and GYM. There no limits. You create your workout as you want.

The app is designed only for iPhones, so I made there only one button to enter your profile via Apple ID.

You can start your workout in a few clicks. Just select the muscle groups and go training.

The first thing you should do it to add exercise from a list. If you don't find the exercise on the list – you can create your custom one.

Here you'll see the results from the previous workout. If you need you can add more than 3 approaches.

Just click and enter your results in two columns.

You can finish your workout at any time and then explore your results on the page with all workouts.

We save each workout, so you can share it with your coach and see how far you come.