About the client

Studio Reception is a SaaS start-up for the health and wellbeing sector. It provides online business management and marketing for yoga, Pilates and dance studios – or any studio business offering classes and workshops.

what was done

An existing design of the platform was out of date, so together with the client, we decided to make a new user interface to look fresh.

SR is a complicated CRM system, so the first thing I did – created a document with an informational architecture to understand how it all synced. Then we proceed to the wireframes and design. We focused on the design for the desktop version because it's mostly used by admins in studios.

It displays all necessary information about what is going on in a GYM, fitness or yoga centre.

Here the administrator can explore the basic info about the profile and go deeper into editing or explore the website as a user.

They look quite typical unless you open them.

I divided all notifications into three main groups: new member, new book, new payment. They all have different colours, so it is easy to identify them.

On this page, the admin can take a general overview of all members, explore variants of membership, import and export members, set up discounts and make reports.

Each member has its bookings, credits, linked accounts, etc. This page is created to manage all this data.

This page is designed to explore all order through all classes. The admin can also choose the status, the period and export data in CSV.

Here the admin can easily create new locations and add new members. Each tab has a clear interface, but you never know what happens, so I placed there a link to contact support.

This page is designed to search and export necessary data for further needs, like an email campaign.

There is no need to have a website to use Studio Reception because it provides the client with a minimalistic landing with all necessary features like a timetable, slider, gallery, etc.