About the client

AL Models is a model agency based in New York. They work with such brands like Harper’s Bazaar, Vera Wang, Valentino, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, etc.

what was done

The client had a website, that looked like it was made like a 5-years kid. It didn't represent the company in a way, their clients want to see them.

That is why I created a new logotype for them and make a modern website design. Now it looks and works like it should be!

I decided to start the website with a big beautiful photo and a list of clients right under it. The clients are so BOLD that should be definitely visible on the first screen.

The most common requests for the models are for a photo session, video and runway. So I made a possibility to filter them by these types. I also suggested using there infinitive pagination, so there is no need to switch between pages.

Mobile version looks and works the same as the desktop one. The filter is fixed on the top and it will be always there for fast filtering.

Name, IG profile and photos. Everything you need to make the decision is on one screen.

Visual content is so important in this business! That is why I placed a grid with four big photos probably on a full width on the page. I also left some place to a table with necessary info with some details.

I make such a section with an auto-filled IG grid probably on all websites. It can attract more followers if you're watching your profile.

Together with a client, we came up with an idea that the user should have a possibility to filter projects like on the page with models.

I suggested not only to show photos but to mention models on it. So if you like somebody, – you can click and explore details.

It works well when there are a few models on the photo, but you want to explore the one you like.

Model's profile opens on mobile not as a separate page, but as a pop-up.

The client can pick models he liked and then send a request to book them.

I decided not to use the same grid, like on the catalogue page. Each project has a separate row and it looks awesome.

Anytime you can click on the button 'View models in project' and a small block with info appears.

This block becomes bigger than there are more models on photo. It's so cool, isn't it?

Usually, websites provide briefs to fill, but I decided to design it a completely new way! The first step is to record audio about yourself. It is limited, so the model should work on a short and well-structured story.

The second step is to upload some photos. It's quite simple: the model chooses some photos from the mobile and proceeds to the next step.

As we need some contact details to give the feedback, we ask to leave some personal data. That's all!