About the client

Annet Li is a fitness model with a vision of how to make every girl look fit. She's a creator of an ideal formula of training and nutrition.

what was done

Annet started to promote her fitness account on Instagram and faced an issue, that people want to get her secret formula of a good fit.

We made a website to promote courses and created a personal profile for users to explore training and nutrition programmes.

I had the possibility to build this project from the idea on a piece of paper to development with my guys. I made it to be sure that everything is done perfectly!

The main hero here is Annet Li. She is a founder of the course and she had an incredible body. We made photos with a professional photographer and spend on it probably the whole day.

The platform is based on two main sections: training and nutrition. I showed there how it looks from mobile because our target audience will use it mostly from their mobile phones.

The program has been designed for people who are not involved in fitness at all to people who started their way but don't know what to do next. My mission was to design both programmes in the best way and to explain its preferences.

Both programmes contain a list of advantages and a possibility to buy a full package or only nutrition.

The hardest program has two levels of difficulty: basic and advanced levels. I made them as tabs, so the user can switch and explore the price in one click.

The blog is proof. I know that it is hard to create content, but it works for you. The blog here has an unusual grid, but it consistent and can be edited with the admin panel.

Each article has a label. It helps to navigate through the blog and explore posts from specific category.

Here the user will see slides with available programmes. She can buy one and then the other one right there in the personal profile.

Each workout has a detailed plan of what should be done and a video with a voice explanation.

Each day has a few meals. Each meal is well-described: it has a list of ingredients and a method of making.

We decided to duplicate the blog in the personal profile. Useful content should always be on hand.