About the client

Olga Godynina is a business lady from Kyiv. She owned a real estate agency specializing in selling and renting luxury apartments and commercial spaces.

what was done

The client did have anything from the identity, but she had a vision and a possibility to offer high-quality services and objects.

I created a brand identity and a website for Olga Godynina. It's made in a minimalistic style. It suits her personality.

My main goal was to make the website look ultra-luxury, but usable at the same time. The main focus here is on the content and accessibility. I took a few features from Airbnb to make exploration faster.

It is hard to choose from the one photo. That is why I allowed the user to explore all photos of the object right on the homepage.

Mobile version is ultra-easy to use. It contains the same info like on the desktop. I like the slider, it's very useful here.

The project exploration begins with two vertical or one horizontal photo. It makes the first impression of the project.

I decided not to make it overcomplicated by adding too many texts there.

Such a boxy structure focuses user's attention only on content.

All of the amenities are displayed on one screen. It saves much space and easy to use.

You might think that nobody won't buy such expensive property via mobile, but a lot of people explored the website from the mobile. That is why I made it so simple, like a desktop one.

Vertical tabs on the desktop transform to the horizontal one on mobile. I like this section because of the content and accessibility for the user.