About the client

The Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) is a part of the British Fashion Council and it helps the British Fashion Industry lead in the goal to be more resilient and circular through global collaboration and local action.

what was done

I had a great possibility to upgrade my skills working with such a big organisation like the British Fashion Council.

They're ready to get a concept design and make it live. I love such projects! As a result, we got a fantastic project with great visuals.

An expected target audience of this website were millenials, so I could do whatever I wanted. The client wanted to make it unique and usable at the same time.

This map provides a possibility to find the like-minded people, build new relationships and create new projects.

British Fashion Council has quite a big history, so I placed some posts (like memories) in black and white colours to make a feeling of archaic.

Just look at the menu icon in the right upper corner. I made it fixed and it's always ready to navigate you through the website.

Some of the sections have a horizontal scroll to explore all info.

With three pathways (environment, people, community & craftsmanship) IPF is going to focus on Positive Change. Each page describes the idea and provides materials to use.

I had an idea to give some dynamic to this page by moving these blurred circles around the screen.

I planned to use parallax here and on other sections to make it all move when you scroll.

I enjoyed the fact that I could place blocks in an unusual way and experiment with concept things like these stripes.

These ladies say the right things!

I love the idea of these blocks which goes on each other. Together with such bright content, it looks fantastic!

Here we have quite a simple example of the page with the article. It contains all necessary elements to express some idea into the web page.