About the client

Roy Robson is an international premium menswear label. It's a family firm. This characterises the company’s values and philosophy. The range of products, characterised by modern tailoring and smart officewear, goes far beyond the classic suit.

what was done

The Ukrainian representative didn't have a website at all. They sell their highest-quality products only in their stores around the country.

I was working with Roy Robson on a website design. After our cooperation, we maintained friendly relations and I'm still making some changes on an existing project.

They don't work at all. I know that all designers make them, but I think before I do something. That is why I decided to move with blocks instead of the slider. Just imagine, one section with three blocks gives us the same info like three slides. Think about it!

I placed new arrivals right under the first screen to promote a new collection. When it comes to sales – the client changes it on products with discounts.

We all know that not every man has a good sense of style. That is why I suggested having ready-to-go sets.

All my websites a responsive. That is a hidden secret of how not to lose potential clients. Mobile version of Roy Robson's website is simple and even an old rich man can understand how it works and buy one more awesome suit for himself.

The idea of this section was to make an infinitive horizontal scroll with new items. It feels like you list your wardrobe and decide what to choose for today.

I suggested not only to show photos but tell what exactly items are on these incredible looks. And you know what, it works! A lot of people don't want to combine things by themselves. They want to buy the entire look in few clicks.

Simple. Not crowded. The filter here is hidden, but it can appear anytime you need it.

There are two ways of view and a fixed filter. It allows the client to apply changes on any stage of scrolling.

Each group of products has its filter with attributes. It makes this block not crowded.

The filter on mobile works and looks awesome. It is fixed in the bottom part of the screen right under your big finger.

Visual content sells products. So why not to allocate for it as much place as it possible?

Complete your look is one of my favourite sections of all project! It not only looks good, but it increases sales. People love to buy entire looks and I'm so glad that I decided to place this section right there.

Sometimes you saw something good but forgot to add to it to bag. Now it's not a problem at all! You can find recently viewed products in this section.

The bag here doesn't link you on a separate page, it appears over the content. It's well structured and shows you the only necessary info.

A lot of people shop through mobile, so I made it quite simple. Nothing extraordinary there.

As you can see, I placed there a label 'currently viewing'. I guess that this is quite a wise decision.

That is one of the most visited pages on the entire website. As I already told, people like looks and people buy looks. Let me focus your attention on some details.

When the client hovers the item – the additional info appears.

When you click on the product it doesn't like you on a separate page, it shows you a pop-up with all necessary info.

As you're not able to hover on mobile, I placed dots there. It looks and works like IG shopping tags.

Click and quick view. Simple like everything I do!